Creating great DIY product photos

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Being Shopify Experts, who have setup many online stores, we have been sent a vast array of product images. Some have been great, and others not so much!

Selling online presents the challenge of the customer not being able to see and handle the product in person. They rely on the sellers efforts to represent the item as accurately and appealingly as possible.

Here are 5 tips to help you do just that!

  1. Use a semi professional camera
    This is really important, as poor quality images won’t give the viewer confidence, and won’t represent your product effectively. If possible, use the manual settings on your camera, coupled with a tripodĀ as this will give better consistency. We recommend setting the Aperture, Shutter Speed, White Balance, Focus, and ISO manually.
  2. Make the most of natural lighting
    Using a flash, or a harsh artificial light will flatten your images. Natural lighting has an ambient quality, that will allow your products to look as 3d and realistic as possible.
  3. Keep it consistent
    If you have multiple products, photograph them in one go using a tripod, and your camera setting on manual. This way the lighting, focal point, shadows, white balance, and exposure will be the same.
  4. Keep it simple
    If you can, take photos of your product against a white backdrop (unless your product is predominately white). Cover a few different angles of your product, to give the viewer a conceptual 3d image of the product. If you cannot create a blank background in your images, you can have them professionally ‘cut out’ using
  5. Show the product in use
    ThisĀ helps to show scale, and gives your product a sense of realism. It’s also an opportunity to show your product in a styled setting, which will only enhance its appeal. You could also upsell by using other products as props.


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